Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tristan's New Year's Resolution

...well, his first resolution is to get sound again already, but he also has a more traditional one.

Last week, I pulled him out of his stall to groom and fuss and work on banging his feet with a hoof pick to keep him on his behavioral improvement track for the farrier. I looked at him in the light of the aisle and my heart stopped: was he getting bloated?

I checked gut sounds, I checked gum color, I checked his water and hay, I checked his general demeanor.

No. Not bloated. Just fat.

Soooooo, starting this week, my easy keeper little mustang will have his grain cut back. He'd continued his feeding based on what he was eating at Flatlands, but he's definitely added weight. I'm sure it's a combination of smaller turnout + not walking around in said turnout as much due to being alone + possible differences in the hay.

I'd like stick to cutting grain instead of cutting hay, as the grain gets inhaled in a matter of minutes and the hay keeps him occupied for longer. We'll see how the diet plan goes in the next few weeks!

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