Monday, January 7, 2013


I stopped by the barn today while doing errands to groom and fuss over Tristan. I got there just in time to see him dewormed.

They also taped him at the same time - 965 pounds and 15.1. A little less weight than I expected but he looks in good trim, so it's fine.

He fussed about being dewormed. He's never been good for oral medication. He flung his head and skittered backwards but the barn manager was quick and efficient. I think half the reason he's still bad about it is that I'm terrible at it - it always takes me several tries to coordinate the tube.

I walked him around the indoor twice and resisted the urge to trot him out. He was eager and happy to go, and the barn manager told me stories about how he plays in the snow and is good buddies with the old dressage horse he goes out with. He's definitely feeling great, so that makes me feel better about not riding.

He's getting a massage this coming Sunday, and he'll be due for the farrier in another two or three weeks. After his new set of shoes, we'll see how he jogs out.

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