Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No news news

Well, there is some bad news, which is that Tris is quite lame on his right front. It could be aggravation of the abscess holes. It could be the poor shape of the foot from being left to grow for so long. It could be that he has strained some of the soft tissues and tendons in the foot.

The cure for all three will be time, so for now we are waiting. The real litmus test will be after his next farrier visit, at the end of January. The foot has grown enough that the bottom hole will be almost to the toe by then, and miiiight even open up with the next trim. We'll see.

In the meantime, he's happy and I get to see him every day. I've been easing him on to his new Reitsport Senior, and he'll be on full doses by Saturday. He has a turnout buddy, whom he likes enough to do some playing with. He's even getting a little fat, so we may be easing off his grain a bit. I'm glad we're in a place where I'm happy to keep waiting, nervous as I get sometimes.

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