Saturday, October 21, 2017

Weekly Blog Roundup

Really great assortment of reading this week!

I'm considering doing a blog highlight each week; if you reach out to me and describe your blog and share your 3 favorite posts, I'll put it up top in this post. Does that sound like it would be appealing, both to read and to submit your own info? Let me know!

Canyon Fire 2 Horse Evacuation Story from Saddle Seeks Horse
There are so many awful things going on right now, and reading this made them hit particularly close to home. I teared up a few times reading it. I'm so glad everyone was ok.

The Lone Survivor from Not So Speedy Dressage
If you want to learn more about barns that haven't been as fortunate in the California fires, and how you can help, read this.

The Biggest Change in My Riding from The Roaming Rider
I looooooove this. It's something I struggle with more or less constantly. I am too reactive in the saddle.

Lauren Billys Collecting Supplies for Puerto Rico’s Horses from Eventing Nation
Puerto Rico is another of those horrible ongoing disasters. Here's how you can help the horses there.

Yep, I'm Crazy from Cob Jockey
I...kind of love this trailer? I would never have thought I would, but! It looks awesome!

Horse Trailer Insurance from Cob Jockey
I learned things reading this, and I thought I was as obsessive as it's possible to be about horse trailers.

Well that dream died a quick death from The Roaming Rider
As you can guess from the title this isn't exactly a happy post - but it is informative and good to think about what happens when plans fall through.

Figuring out a Gym Schedule from A Enter Spooking
Ugh. Linking this for my own personal motivation. I'm still eating well but my exercising has been shit lately.

Printable Pony Rebrand from The Printable Pony
I've long admired this small business; go check out their new website!

Blog Hop: Truck and Trailer Set Up from Hand Gallop
This is so freaking cool I am speechless.

The Hexagon Leg Yield from Dotstream
Whooooooa I love this.

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