Saturday, August 26, 2017

Weekly Blog Roundup

Blog Links

Blog Hop: Dealbreakers from The $900 Facebook Pony
I really liked the concept of this blog hop: what misbehavior makes you not even want to throw a leg over a horse?

20 answers to your questions about equine gastric ulcers from Saddle Seeks Horse
This was terrifically informative and well-written.

Easy taco salad recipe for the discerning athlete from Ambitious
I laughed until I cried.

Saddle Sales: Consignment Vs Outright Sales: What Would You Choose? from Fat Buckskin in a Little Dress

Conditioning/Competing a Quarter Horse for Endurance from In Omnia Paratus
Very cool, very informative, great story.

Show Gear: What Not to Wear Edition from Oh, Gingersnap
Yeah I act this one out on a regular basis, so, solidarity.

UGA Horse Ownership Seminar: Wounds from The Owls Approve
I'm really excited to read all the posts in this series, an in-depth day-long seminar on various horsekeeping topics. This first one is terrific.

Summer Break from The Jumping Percheron
A great template for giving a horse time off when they need it.

Child Friendly Horses from A Gift Horse
This is actually a really key thing to know about your horse.

Wrong Horse for the Job from Equestrian at Hart
Oh, this is a hard lesson, but a good one

A Week in Maine from A Series of Madcap Escapades
Gorgeous pictures, cool event. Nothing not to like here.

Installing Seat Aids from A Enter Spooking
This is exactly what I'm working through right now in my own position, so very timely!

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