Saturday, August 5, 2017

Weekly Blog Roundup

I skipped last week, so you get a huge dump this week. #sorrynotsorry

Talk to me about barn sitting from She Moved to Texas
An oft-overlooked but crucial part of running a farm: finding someone to take good care of it.

DR120: Dressing for Dressage from Hand Gallop
I consider myself pretty good on the rules, and there were a few things in here that surprised me!

Shared and Diverging Lexicons from Viva Carlos
I have zero young horse experience, so I found this really interesting.

How do you sum up a year? from Beyond the Shedrow
Reflections on a year as a working student; I loved this.

Dream Farm Fridays: Basic Buying Process from PONY'TUDE

What is appropriate dressage judging? from Guinness on Tap
I've scribed for a LOT of judges, and have learned a lot about judging styles that way. This is an important conversation to have.

Showing and Competing: Why I Do It from Fat Buckskin in a Little Suit
Everyone's answer to this question are different, and I enjoy reflecting on them all.

Do It Yourself Cake Pops for Horses from DIY Horse Ownership
GENIUS. Except now I want a cake pop.

Greenguard Grazing Muzzle Review from Pony Express
A good thorough review of the kind of product that really needs to be tested thoroughly.

The Myth of the Too Small Horse from The Adventures of a Floppy Ammy
I'm 5'9". Tristan is 15.1 when he stands up straight AND wears shoes. So...yeah. Mostly, I don't care, but I do also ponder whether my next horse should be larger.

Worth the Effort from Readheadlins
I loathe photos of myself, so this was a good reminder to work on getting over that.

Westfalen NA Inspection, What a Day from Equinpilot
This is so cool - what a gorgeous stallion, doing amazing things!

Me and Miz B from PONY'TUDE
Trucks = love, you guys.

9 Tips for Equine Ulcer Prevention (& Ulcerguard Giveaway) from Saddle Seeks Horse
Perennially useful information & a great giveaway.

Going back in order to go forward: A lesson from Alois Podhajsky from Trafalgar Square Books
Podhajsky is hands-down my favorite historical/classical rider, and his writing is extraordinary.

Tackling Rebecca's Training Course from Four Mares, No Money
Love, love, LOVE this.


  1. Thanks for including me in your blog roundup! I just found the Christmas card I got from you and Tristan when I was cleaning out drawers this week. It brought back happy memories! :)


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