Wednesday, April 5, 2017

2017 Goals: March Recap

Previously, I set horse goals and life goals.

January RecapFebruary Recap

So, how was March?
Horse Goals - original post here

1. Put hands on my horse 5x a week - yes! accomplished

2. Be less perfunctory - Baby steps. One thing that's really helped me in this goal this month is to force myself into making deliberate decisions about things. I had gotten into habits of "well, we'll wait and see." Now I try to take a moment, examine the situation, and actively decide: "should I keep reading/watching tv/etc. and if so, is that how I want to spend the next period of time? or should I get up and do something? when I say I am going to accomplish X today, what does that mean?"

3. Aim toward dressage schooling shows - I guess? Still not sure what to do about my schedule problems.

4. Take more lessons - March, check! Scheduled April.

5. Horse-specific income stream / funding emergency fund - Tristan's emergency fund is now at $700/$1500, and my overall emergency fund is at $8,315/$12,000, which means Tristan's account is on track to complete this year and the emergency fund is growing slowly but surely and will be complete next year.

Some progress on the income stream: a couple of inquiries are bearing fruit and I've written a business plan.

We'll see.

6. Do more thoughtful work - Um...I spent all of March doing the March Madness stuff, which was a ton of fun but not exactly thoughtful. Then I flaked out at the end. I get a big fat F on this one for this month, but have been trying to make notes for April posts.

7. Get more media - Faiiiiiiiiil.

Life Goals - original post here

1. Pay off car - yup still on track. Realistically, though I would love to knock this out early, I've had to divert some savings to important things like replacing my 12 year old desktop computer at home.

2. Read 75 books - 21/75 down:

Some Luck, by Jane Smiley
The Fireman, by Joe Hill
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by NK Jemisin
The Broken Kingdoms by NK Jemisin
The Kingdom of Gods by NK Jemisin
The Path Between the Seas [halfway] by David McCullough

Again, slower due to heavy nonfiction.

3. Revive history blogs - Suck. Just suck.

4. Do better about food - Tiny steps, but also some backsliding because goddamn, pizza is the perfect food.

5. Decorate the house - does reorganizing the basement again count?

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