Saturday, September 10, 2016

Weekly Blog Roundup

That's right, I'm trying again!

This week, a collection of gruesome injury stories, with lots of photos, because if you're like me that stuff is catnip.

(needless to say they all have happy endings so far)

Treating Lily Wounds from Wait for the Jump
Not just a fascinating wound story (deep necrotic wound on the hindquarters) but brilliant bandaging tips.

Brego Wrestling from Wyvern Oaks
Hoof resection! Look through previous entries for the exact process. This is an alternate form of treatment for a very similar injury to Tristan's. I, too, know the madness of wrestling a horse to wrap its foot.

And okay, not a gruesome injury but nifty treatment/recovery stuff, Henry's Day at the Spa from The $900 Facebook Pony.


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