Friday, June 24, 2016

still alive!

I am still here, still alive, and after three weeks of work basically 24/7 - tonight I am going to ride my horse!

Like, so much work that after the show I hauled everything out of my car and dumped it on my dining room table and it literally has not moved an inch since then. None of it. The ONLY thing I did was oil my saddle what with the hurricane during the show and all.

Decisions coming up: I need to commit to one of two schooling shows in July & August because I said I would ride on a team with my barn and I need to go three total shows to do that. Two barn shows + one off property show. So. Hm. Which one?

I'd love - LOVE - to do both, but the shipping is way out of my budget.

Anyway: nothing of real substance here. Just to let you know that I'm still alive. I assume Tristan is too or someone would've told me.


  1. yay for getting to ride tho! hopefully work calms down soon!

  2. Work is such a time and soul sucker

  3. Maybe in August? then you have more time to save money and more time to prepare! :)


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