Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Free Smartpak turnout blanket?

There's a catch, right? There must be a catch. The landing page is not terribly helpful.

The blanket in question is the SmartPak brand pink or blue plaid one

I've been considering starting Tristan on SmartBreathe as an experiment.

Stay tuned, I'm going to call the number they list and feel out the fine print...


  1. very cool! Sadly I definitely don't qualify if starting new smartpaks is the case

  2. That actually makes me grumble. Where's the blanket for being a dedicated customer for a bajillion years?

    1. They gave me a $15 GC today for my "1 year anniversary" ... which is actually more like 3 years but HEY it's still free money.

  3. I'm kinda with Beka on this one, but I hope you get your free blanket for something you were already considering doing.

  4. That's cool if you were already planning to do smartpaks, but I would guess that you could buy a turnout with the savings you'd get from buying your supplements elsewhere. Smartpaks are incredibly over-priced.

  5. Interested to hear what happens! FWIW I have a barnmate whose horse is on SmartBreathe and I do t know how, but it really helps with his coughing


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