Saturday, May 16, 2015

Weekly Blog Roundup

Here are some interesting blog posts from the horse world this past week.

So You Want to Blog? Part V: Traffic from She Moved to Texas
This has been a really good, thoughtful series all along, and I like this post especially. Lauren may have convinced me to set up a Facebook page for this blog. Anyone else?

A Good Steward from The Owls Approve
Love, love, LOVE all the thoughtful consideration and numbers and really everything about this post.

Things I Love and Hate about How Horse Trials Are Run from The $900 Facebook Pony
Lots of things I honestly hadn't thought about before!

The Perfect Barn: A Squeeze Stile from Auf der Autobahn genius. Sheer genius. I had heard of a stile before, but not of a squeeze style. Check it out, you'll be impressed.

I Smell a Rat: Barn Hunt 101 from Team Unruly
WHAT. I had no idea this sport existed.

First Aid, Dental Care, and a Dinner from Not So Speedy Dressage
The basic message about having a first aid kit is important but maybe even more so is

Connor's Niece and Nephew from Cob Jockey

Jersey Fresh: Overall Tack Impressions from Stories from the Saddle
I am about as far from a tack ho as you can get but this is actually really interesting!


  1. Lauren's post sorta kinda made me want to set up a fb page for my blog too.... but only sorta kinda. not ready to go there yet haha

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! :)


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