Friday, May 29, 2015

Every single wallpaper pattern in my new house

My new house was built in 1928, and it has a lot of classic, gorgeous features. I will share those another day.

It was remodeled in the late 1970s/early 1980s. It was a good remodel, with lots of money and lots of thought. The kitchen in particular is a work of art that I keep learning new ways to appreciate (even if it is a bit outdated).

The wallpaper, though...

So before I complain about the wallpaper let me say that the previous owners are lovely people, and the wife obviously put a great deal of thought and heart into choosing the wallpaper. It was professionally done, and the degree to which the panels line up and look great is astonishing. After 30+ years, it's barely peeling.

But ohmygoodness, is it dated. And sooooooooo not to my taste.

So, here, a sample of every different pattern of wallpaper in the house.


  1. Yuk... Not my taste either... Why did anyone ever think patterned wall paper was a good idea... I guess it is the same as pink and blue bathrooms that I have in my house... :)

  2. Our first house had wall paper on every wall - even on the ceiling in the one tiny bathroom and kitchen! I feel your pain :( We ended up renting a steamer to remove it all.

  3. you have your work cut out for you! is there plaster under the wallpaper? if so, lucky!

  4. Oh man, those are some wallpapers!

    I once lived in a house where every single room was sponge-painted. People do some weird stuff.

  5. I really don't get wallpaper. Glad the other updates are in better taste!

  6. The first two I was like "okay, legit!" and then we got to the florals... I DO love the lighthouses though!!!!!

    1. haha i was just gonna say the lighthouses are giving me flashbacks lol

  7. LOL my kitchen had running horses wallpaper....*shudder*

  8. Okay, the wallpaper is dated, but it's held up so well. The lovely couple that owned the house before obviously took well care of the house. People who buy the best quality wallpaper and would have it professionally installed are the type of people who would keep up with home maintenance. You've lucky to have found such a home.


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