Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weekly Blog Roundup

Here are some interesting blog posts from the past week in the horse world.

I always ride with spurs, and between my longer legs and Tristan's shorter height, I've found myself contorting in some not-great ways to get the spur on when it's needed. I've always wondered what my other options might be, and Austen gives a great overview of another option here! I might give these a try this summer.

Have Trailer, Will Travel from The Adventures of a Floppy Ammy
I have a 1980 trailer, and everything here rings true about how to check out and handle an older rig.

What's Your Opinion? Horse Racing Answers (Part One) from Racing to Ride
I posted the question last week; here are the answers. Lots to think about.

Brains before brawn: a rant from The $900 Facebook Pony


  1. Great posts and thanks again! Now if I can just get enough free time to get the second post up. Life is seriously kicking my butt right now!

  2. the first trailer i fell in love with while shopping was a rehabbed 1979 cherry red bumper pull and i wanted it soooo bad haha... something about those older rigs is so appealing to me :)


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