Saturday, February 7, 2015

Weekly Blog Roundup

Here are a few interesting posts from horse-blogging land!

January Sunshine from Pony Express
Lovely horses, lovely photos, and my second-favorite livestock: BABY LAMBS! Even if part of me did die inside a little when she talked about spring-like weather...

When Event Horses Defy the Odds from Eventing Nation
AMAZING rehab story. Wow.

The Ammy Manifesto from Sprinkler Bandit

I Was a NYC Carriage Driver from The Adventures of a Floppy Ammy
The world can't have enough honest reporting about how well-treated NYC carriage horses are, and this is a really neat perspective!

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  1. wow - i somehow missed that EN rehab story the first time around... thanks for reposting, that really is an amazing story!


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