Thursday, May 8, 2014

Viva Carlos Magical Blog Hop: Right Here Right Now

L. Williams from Viva Carlos asks: What are you currently working on in your rides?

We're trying to accomplish a couple things, but if I had to summarize them, it would be consistency.

Consistent schedule during the week, which I'm still struggling with. (Oh, puppy.)

Consistent transitions - sharp and quick and responsive.

Consistent forward - maintaining that jump in the hind legs through corners, across diagonals, around circles. We've been using the poles as WT suggested: trot through the line and then keep that feel around the ring. When it fades, go back through the poles. Try to keep it longer and longer.

Consistency in the bridle - inside leg, outside rein! Lots of half-halts and encouraging sit, up through the base of the neck, up through the back, especially through any changes like transitions and changes of direction.

Consistent suppleness - even, through steps in both direction, the ability to play around with what I need in terms of bend and looseness.


  1. So with you on this one!! Consistency is so hard sometimes....

  2. Consistency is KEY! So hard though!


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