Friday, May 9, 2014

Horse Owning Bucket List

Stole this from A Gift Horse, 'cause I kind of love it.

What horses would I like to own someday?

Let us start this post by saying that Tristan will live forever and ever, amen. This list will come into play when I get my own land and have space for more horses.

1. Morgan Gelding

I freaking love these horses. They have personality to spare, they can do anything, they are built like bricks, they are energetic but sensible, and they are gorgeous. For the purposes of this list, let's say a Lippitt line - something old blood, with TONS of bone, that has the build to go all-around, not just the saddleseat stuff.


2. Gotland Pony

This is my eventual child's pony. They are adorable, they can be genuinely fancy, they are a heritage breed, and they hail from the same part of Sweden as the BF's family. In my ideal world, I have a pony that will serve for kids, but that I can also drive. Combined driving might be in the top 5 of my equestrian bucket list. Plus, sleighing in the winter!

Seeing a theme? I might have a thing for chunky horses.

3. Haflinger

The very first barn I took lessons at had a whole herd of Haflingers. They were all named things like Hans and Franz and Gunnar. They were extremely difficult to tell apart, especially for a ten year old kid. I hardly ever got to ride them - I was already very tall even as a kid. I still love them, though, and would not kick that face out of the barn!

Or maybe three?

4. Rescue Pasture Ornament

Really and truly one of the first things I do when I get land will be to put the word out to friends that I'd like a pasture ornament horse, something that can't be ridden anymore, to live out its days with me and keep Tristan company. I'd love to always have something living with me that just needs a home and hay and love. I know from experience working at rescues that these horses are so tough to place - but so deserving of love.

5. Mustang

I may have ended up with my first mustang by accident, but I'd like to have one at all times. They are such special horses. Their intelligence, sense of self, toughness, and personality are all second to none.

If I ever win the lottery, this is what my backyard will look like.


  1. I am so with you on solidity and sanity! I like the Canadians I ride, some are little taller than the Morgans, running a solid 15 hands, but they filled the same niche in Quebec, and many were sold into New England (they were an exported resource, to my surprise!)

    While I have loved the Haflinger I rode, I lost my heart to a series of three Norwegian Fjord ponies, so pretty much exactly the same reason.

    My offspring didn't and don't ride (to my DEEP chagrin; I was totally prepared for horse crazy children!) but I was thinking about an aging Welsh section B for them, and then they could graduate to a section C or D. A friend on fb breeds section D Welsh Cobs (Quillane Welsh Cobs) - there are some lovely creatures there.

    1. Yes, I love those Canadians! I used to board at a barn that had imported a whole herd of 'em. Stinking cute, such good bone, and excellent brains. If I couldn't find a Morgan that suited me, my secret backup plan is to find a Canadian. :)

      The heritage farmers I work with for a work event right now also raise section D Welsh Cobs and they are the CUTEST. There is a super fancy dressage one at my barn right now, too. Too many horses, not enough time (or money)!

  2. Awww I love that you chose a rescue ornament for your bucket list. I half started this blog hop and a rescue ornament didn't even occur to me- I will have to add one.

    Haflingers are beautiful!

    1. Thank you for starting it, this was a fun one to put together!

      I love the old, graying, swaybacked rescue horses. I am a sap.


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