Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Barn at The End of Our Term

I can't get over how amazing and weird and amazing this short story is. Did I mention it's weird?

Basic premise: Presidents of the United states are reincarnated as horses.

It's a fascinating, weird read if you just know horses and a smattering of American history. It gains satiric brilliance if you have a more thorough knowledge.

The Barn at The End of Our Term

Selected paragraph:
'Well, I for one have great faith in Fitzgibbons. I think he is a just and merciful Lord.' James Buchanan can only deduce, given his administration's many accomplishments, that this Barn must be heaven. Buchanan has been reborn as a fastidious bay, a gelding sired by that racing great Caspian Rickleberry. 'Do you know that I have an entry in the Royal Ledger of Equine Bloodlines, Rutherford? It's true.' His nostrils flare with self-regard. 'I am being rewarded,' Buchanan insists, 'for annexing Oregon.
What did you think?

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  1. So weird! but I could see how this could be quite funny with certain knowledge.


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