Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Goals Wrap Up

Here's what I wanted to accomplish in March, per my 2014 outline.
Spring shots & teeth. Get the trailer registered and potentially taken out to get inspected/repaired. Re-up my US Rider  
Continue topline & fitness, but we should be well on our way by now: capable of a full 60 minute lesson without too much exhaustion on either part.
Pretty darn good, actually!

Spring shots and teeth, done.

Trailer registered! Alas, it is going approximately nowhere until the snow melts. Perhaps mid-April. As soon as I can, I'll get it to the mechanic. I won't re-up the US Rider until it looks like I'll be hauling Tristan somewhere: probably May.

We're both very capable of a 60 minute lesson. In March, I noticed a marked improvement in his fitness and recovery. My own fitness is proceeding slowly but I am trying to add some things to the mix to help that. It's going to hit 40 today, and sunny, and I can already feel my energy improving.

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