Saturday, February 15, 2014


We got somewhere between 14" and 18" in the snowstorm yesterday. Business more or less as usual. In fact, people were mostly thrilled - good skiing this weekend! Some schools canceled, and for me work closed an hour early when it became clear the snow would impact the evening commute as well. Since I walk to work, I stayed to catch up.

I wish I could ride in it, but we're heading out of town tomorrow to visit some friends. Hopefully enough will still be there Monday...and I can finagle a way to hold the reins without really using my right hand? Hmmmm.

In the meantime: have a cool photograph. This was taken near Crystal Lake Falls in Barton, VT in 1941. Before snowplows, rolling and/or scraping snow was the order of the day. The idea was not to get ride of the snow but to make it a smoother surface for sleighs to travel on. In the 1940s, Vermont didn't have an interstate highway system or really even much in the way of paved roads - or electricity. It's still a very rural place, but not quite like this anymore!

(Photography courtesy of the VT Agency of Transportation/Department of Highways: Vermont State Archives and Records Administration)


  1. wow, that looks like hard work. My parents and my sister and I visited Vermont when I was in high school My mom was toying with the idea of moving there for work. It didn't pan out but a part of me has always wished it had. We only saw it in the summer but it was so beautiful and now that I've learned to ski it seems like an even better idea!

  2. Wow that's a lot of snow, and what an amazing photo!


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