Friday, February 14, 2014

For crying out loud...

After two days of being flat on my back with a nasty stomach bug, I started feeling better late morning yesterday.

So I decided to do some dishes, and when I reached inside a glass to scrub the bottom, it explodes in my hand. I rinsed it in cold water and did a pressure wrap but an hour later it still wanted to bleed, so off to the ER I went.

No stitches, thankfully, though I was right on the line. Steri strips and glue and a tetanus booster and instructions not to use it much for the next few days. Typing is difficult. Riding is definitely out, and since it's my dominant hand, so are most other things.



  1. Yikes! That sounds painful. I hope it heals up quick!

  2. Well that stinks! Hope you heal quickly!

  3. Get better soon, I've reached into hot bubbles before and pulled out a hunting knife which made such a mess! Hope you're able to start using it again soon!


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