Saturday, August 31, 2013

Working Hard / Hardly Working


Yesterday, I left work two hours early to head to the barn to help out with a work day. I had intended to leave much earlier, but that didn't work out. I still put in about four hours of work straightening fenceposts, tamping down new gravel around fenceposts, restringing fence line, and generally hauling heavy stuff where and when asked. We had dinner at the trainer's house afterwards. It was good hard work and a nice way to meet more people at the barn. I am often the last person riding in the evening and have really only met a small fraction of the other boarders and riders.

Said work took us right up until dark, and then we went for dinner, so I did not ride. Ugh. Tonight I'm meant to go to New Hampshire after work but I am putting my foot down and riding first. (Words cannot express my deep desire to simply stay home and ride my horse and maybe possibly relax for a few minutes, but the boyfriend's family expects me in New Hampshire, so off I go.)

Tristan's back feet have been chewed up quite a bit more, and I can't figure out what's going on. I talked for a while with one of the barn workers who raised the specter of white line problems. Greeeeeat. He is not sore, off, tender, you name it, but his feet don't look good. Talked to farrier last night, who was going to take a look today, and stocked up on vinegar with which to apply White Lightning regularly for a while - can't hurt. (And here I'd been kicking myself for buying that bottle back when his front feet were recovering from being in the boots - seems I was just stocking up for the inevitable.)

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