Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Best Laid Plans

After a weekend out of state visiting family, I had a routine medical procedure Monday morning. It was supposed to take 5 minutes and leave me in mild discomfort; it took 35, was excruciatingly painful, and my body crashed pretty hard afterwards to the point that my doctor drove me home herself on her lunch break. (<3 Vermont)

So I did not ride on Monday. I did not move from the couch until late Monday night. I woke up Tuesday morning feeling waaaaay better, though I slowed down through the day, and planned on a road hack. I got to the barn to find out Tristan had attempted vivisection of his left hind hoof, as seen below.

Luckily the farrier was there and finishing up with another horse and said he'd look at Tris next. Score. While waiting, I watched a lesson and seeing another rider sit the trot made me queasy - no riding for me after all. Farrier cleaned up the foot and declared it ugly but not worrisome. He's mixing up gunk for me to apply until it grows out just to be careful but it already looks way better.

Today I am feeling well enough to for sure go for a hack...and it is pouring. We'll see if it keeps up until I get off from work, but seriously, universe, I would like to ride my horse.


  1. Best doctor ever (except, y'know, for the excruciating pain part, but I am assuming that was out of her control)!

    And oh, Tristan! Is he barefoot in back or is this what you were talking about re: how if a glue-on does come off, it will wreak havoc on the foot?

  2. It was really very nice of her, and she felt awful! The pain part was totally out of her control and way unusual. Ah well. I did impress the heck out of all the nurses in the office...

    He is barefoot in back. I suspect damage would be even more dramatic if a glue-on had come off. I'm honestly not quite sure how he managed to do this, even - skidded to a stop right on top of a sharp rock, maybe?


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