Monday, June 10, 2013

Bromont Picspam

Here's a smattering of pictures I took this weekend. My photography skills aren't the best, but I tried to take enough to get a good overview! (They're not really in chronological order.)

Friday dressage, with the 1978 Olympics logo on the hillside.

Selena O'Hanlon on Foxwood High sporting some nifty quartermarks.

VIP viewing area.

XC vet box with the VIP tent and some of the course in the background.

XC course.

Front end water.

Backside water.

One of the combined driving obstacles across the lake from the front side of the XC course.

Galloping downhill into the arena.

Last jump on the course.

Buck Davidson taking the 2* drop.

Sharon White on the 2* showjumping. Check out her stirrups!

Team Canada walking the 3* showjumping course.

Jessica Phoenix on Pavarotti, who was an incredible, extravagant jumper.

Will Coleman and Phillip Dutton on their joint victory lap. 
Long view of part of the XC course.

Sloppy morning showjumping in the 1*.

Oxer over a liverpool; these rails came down all day and in fact two of them broke and had to be replaced.

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