Tuesday, September 9, 2014

August Goals Wrap Up

From my 2014 outline:
Keep turning those screws, keep hauling out to jump with Vergennes trainer, keep fine-tuning the dressage. Foxhunting if possible. 
Possible events for riding or volunteering: Vermont Dressage Days (August 9-10), GMHA Combined Driving Event (August 23-24), GMHA Distance Days (August 29-31)
When I previewed these goals, I wasn't very confident about hauling out or foxhunting, and Tristan's vet appointment to check on his foot was still in the future. I didn't yet know about the Cushing's.

In short, August looked quite a bit different than I thought it would. I didn't get to any of the events I'd listed - work or family commitments made them all impossible.

With the Cushing's diagnosis, however, I made a commitment to up his fitness levels, and I guess that falls under the "turning the screws" part of this goal. I'm actually pretty pleased with the way August shaped up in terms of frequency of riding, as shown by the ride calendar I've started.

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