Saturday, November 11, 2017

Weekly Blog Roundup

The Audacity of a Plan from 'Fraidy Cat Eventing
I like this. Good argument in favor of planning, lots of things for me to absorb personally.

The Hounds are Blessed from Equine Ink
Looooooove blessings of the animals. This is a nice horsey twist.

Product Review, Big Dee's padded halter and lead from Weanie Eventer
No such thing as too many halter reviews. They get trashed so regularly that I replace them more than almost any other piece of equipment, so I always have my eye on what's next.

How to Mount Things in Your TrailerProduct Review: The Organized Barn and Trailer HOSS System from Cob Jockey

GFPC Fun Show: Wyatt from The Roaming Rider
So cute. Sooooooooo cute!

Charles de Kunffy Clinic Notes from The $900 Facebook Pony
Really good notes, and some things I'm going to be thinking about for my next dressage ride.

Show Season by the Numbers from Pony Express
All the data!

DIY: How to Make a Roll Top Horse Jump from DIY Horse Ownership
I made a roll top with Pony Clubbers once. It was hugely rewarding, if a lot of work!

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