Saturday, November 5, 2016

Weekly Blog Roundup

First and foremost, a public service announcement.

Are we 10000000% clear on this?

Peoples' lives depend on this election. Literally. There are people out there right now, alive and beloved, who will die if Donald Trump succeeds in repealing the Affordable Care Act, in making abortion illegal, and in ignoring police brutality. There are people who will become second-class citizens, who will lose their basic human rights, and who will suffer in ways that most of us cannot even imagine.

This is not amateur hour. Get out there and fucking vote on Tuesday.

Find your polling place here. Make a plan. Bring a friend. GET IT DONE.

And now, to your horse-related content.

2pointober: And the winner is... from Fraidy Cat Eventing
A hard-fought contest with some awesome results! I'm thrilled that I actually completed this year.

My horse died because of my manager's negligence from Ask a Manager
This is HORRIBLE. I would walk out of that job and never come back. I'm grateful that I've always had workplaces and managers who have been very accommodating when Tristan needs me. Thankfully, there is a good update here.

Let's help the horses from In Omnia Paratus
If you've been following the news about the Dakota Pipeline protests, it might surprise you to know that there are a number of horses on site, and they need help.

Trailer Spiffing from WeanieEventer
I don't miss doing this with my trailer at all. It's hard work that has to be done regularly. This is a great guide to some of the basics.

When do you label your horse? from Poor Woman Showing
Really interesting question. I've been thinking about my own answer to it for a little while and I don't have a good one yet.

And totally unrelated to horses but so very on-point for anyone who was a girl in the 1980s/90s: American Girl Dolls Ranked by Betchiness


  1. Holy shit, when did they get so many American Girl Dolls?!

  2. I voted last week! Love mail-in ballots. And I 10000000% agree with your first paragraphs! Great list of posts!

  3. Voted! And thanks for sharing about DAPL.

  4. Thankfully I can mail in ballot here, but I've never missed a vote.


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