Sunday, December 13, 2015

House Post: Dining Room Rug

Certain shithead puppies have decided in the last few weeks to forget they are housebroken (ARYA) and the dining room rug took a terrible beating.

It was getting to the point where the scent buildup was attracting her to come pee even when she wasn't being actively naughty.

So, far earlier than planned, up came the dining room rug this morning.

Because it's always something, this floor had 3x as many staples as the two previous rooms COMBINED. That handful above? From my third pass. Ugh.

Aaaand done!

(for those who might be concerned, Arya is undergoing a battery of tests to see whether there is an underlying physical problem or whether she is just acting out in some way)


  1. Who carpets over gorgeous hardwood floors? I have never understood this. I'm sure your dog is okay; all the new changes can certainly prompt that sort of behavior.

  2. Such pretty hardwood! Hope everything is good with your furbaby!

  3. That hardwood floor is fantastic. I just don't get the need to carpet over hardwood. So weird.

  4. Looks amazing! One of the apartments I rented during school had the kitchen and dining room both carpeted...I never understood what was up with that. Maybe it's a Vermont thing...cold floors?


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