Saturday, September 12, 2015

Weekly Blog Roundup

Some interesting posts from the greater horse blog world!

Polo Clinic With Helmet Cam Gifs from Fraidy Cat Eventing
Totally living the dream! This looks like so much fun.

Mean Ol' Dressage (Puns and Plots) from Fraidy Cat Eventing
I know, two in one week, but this is just about the coolest way to analyze your dressage progress that I've ever seen.

Favorite Followings from Bay With Chrome
I am more and more into Instagram lately. This is a great list to check out.

Inspection Photos from The $900 Facebook Pony

Body Shaming the Show Ring from If the Saddle Fits
I hate that I'm not surprised either, but - I'm not.

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  1. lol thanks for the double shout outs - i really had entirely too much fun with both of those posts so i'm glad you like them :)


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