Monday, October 14, 2013


We went hiking yesterday, and a few miles of up and down in the woods later realized that we were not going to reach the summit of the mountain as we had intended: the trails were poorly marked, confusing, and boot-suckingly muddy. So we picked a nice spot and had a snack and then hiked back down.

On the way down, I put a foot on a mossy log and whomp, flat out in the mud and on top of the log. Mostly fine - a bit banged up - except for the abrasion burn/impact point square on my ass that broke through the skin and turned lovely colors.

I was a bit stiff and sore for chores this morning, but mostly fine and warmed up out of it, until I sat on my horse. And discovered that ow, my seatbones are not ok after all. So we had a relatively short ride, most if it focused on FORWARD, DAMN IT, HORSE.

Not thrilled with our unsupervised canter, but some of the trot work ended up rather nice and we were certainly going forward by the end of it.

Now, to sit on soft things and crochet and wait for the crockpot potato soup to finish.

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