Saturday, March 18, 2017

Weekly Blog Roundup

Somewhat abbreviated this week; our snowstorm threw off all my normal routines. It did make for a lovely restful & quiet 36 hours, though.

Bling it like you own it: custom sparkle browbands from SprinklerBandit
I will be the first to admit that I do not get sparkly browbands. All I can think about is cleaning them. Still, this is a great overview and a nice outline of the possibilities. (Maybe if I had a plainer horse I'd be more interested, but Tristan's coloring is so loud I tend to avoid patterns or bling.)

Six things a new OTTB reminded me from Racing to Ride
I liked this - about how we learn and re-learn things all the time in our journeys as riders.

Learn the training scale from Jane Savoie
Nice follow up to the above; I could use all the reminders I can get about the training scale.

Stories of your life and others from Frankly Speaking
Not directly horse-related, but something to read and think about for blogging.

Ground rules from Equestrian at Hart
Crucially important to a good boarding relationship: communication and respect, especially in such a tough business. I try to always be clear and thoughtful when I take or use extra hay or shavings. I'm happy to pay for it, and in return I like to think that I'm trusted.

Say hello to Presto from The $900 Facebook Pony

I don't have a non-horsey read this week because I've been cramming my brain with books instead of longform articles, so here, have this gorgeous video that I'm listening to on repeat lately.

But no one knows me no one ever will
if I don’t say something, if I just lie still

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  1. Thank you! I really enjoyed Stories of Your Life and Others.


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