Saturday, August 9, 2014

Raining, Pouring, FFS, can I catch a break?

Tristan has had issues with his eyes for as long as I've known them. They get irritated very easily; they swell up a bit, they drip tears, and they seem to always be itchy. He wears a fly mask to keep him from blowing them up too badly on a regular basis. I've had his tear ducts flushed and it makes no difference.

Part of it is the way he rolls: he always griiiiinds his head into the ground, and isn't allowed on sand or arena turnout because he will immediately come up from a roll blinking and dripping tears after he's worked something into his eye.

This week, his eyes have been a little drippy and irritated, but nothing to the level of concern. Starting Thursday, we flushed his eyes with saline. Friday again. Today, barn manager reports that they are swollen and goopy and did not go down after flushing last night and turnout today.

So, vet call it is. GRRRRRRRR.

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