Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July Goals Wrap Up

So, how did I do on my July goals?
Work commitments ease considerably, and we should be able to pick up the pace here. If all is going really well we can turn the screws and think about the GMHA show at the end of the month, OR think about getting out and foxhunting. 
Possible events for riding or volunteering: Huntington Horse Trials (July 11-12), GMHA Dressage Days (July 25-27)
Sigh. Not really. Yes, sort of, but not really. I have been riding more than in June, but I would not describe it as turning the screws. More like flailing around and ending in tears.

I'm not feeling great about my own skills as a rider and the way Tristan is going right now. Some of that is my uncertainty and fear about the new foot problems overshadowing everything. Some of it is frustration, exhaustion, and lack of motivation. I can't remember the last time I had a few hours to spend at the barn with Tris to just hang out.

Those two volunteer opportunities did not happen, but I did get to crew at the Vermont Moonlight ride, so that was cool.

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