Saturday, December 17, 2016

Weekly Blog Roundup

First, a news article that is kind of blowing my mind:

Make-up of equine gut bacteria altered by exercise, study shows
It's preliminary, but basically: the kinds of bacteria in a horse's gut changed dramatically immediately after exercise. I wonder if this could be linked to colic & ulcer histories?

Also, 8 year old me wants the horse pictured in the article, a Mangalarga Marchador. Sigh. (adult me says: no mares, and no grays)

Really thoughtful rider's journey through different understandings of what "frame" means when we talk about it.

Winter is here so I ditched my saddle from PONY'TUDE
This is my January MO as well! I often use a bareback pad just to protect my breeches from hair and dust, but I love the warmth + connection that a bareback ride provides.

How to dress a draft horse from The Jumping Percheron
Practicality rules the day! I liked this a lot - not just as an approach to outfitting a draft horse, but any horse that's not a leggy Thoroughbred or chunky Warmblood.

And a non-horsey but still very useful read: Rollout sugar cookie tips, from King Arthur Flour

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