Sunday, December 18, 2016

House Post: Midway

I count years for the house from the anniversary of our closing date, which was May 8, which puts us a smidge past the halfway mark through year 2. In my year 1 roundup, I listed things that needed to get done in year 2. So, where are we on that list?

- finish garage (and by extension, basement reorganization) 

Some small progress on the garage space, and on reorganization.

- gut weird back room and turn it into a man cave

HUGE progress! Not done yet, but probably/hopefully January.

- strip wallpaper and repaint: back bedroom, front bedroom, office, front hallway, nook area/game room

Nook area/game room is next, after the holidays, and front bedroom will depend on the tricky timing of not having houseguests for about 8 weeks after ski season. Maybe March?

Front hallway...we'll see.

- conserve front entryway mural

Haven't touched this, BUT a conservator friend will be here in late January / early February, so I am hoping to have her look at it then.

- sleeping porch: repaint, replace glass panes, finalize furniture arrangement there

Haven't touched this.

- most remaining radiators stripped and repainted (will probably hold on sun room and living room for now)

Haven't touched this. At this point, it will be a year 3 project because we can't do this while the heat still needs to be on and it will definitely be on through May, ahahahahaha, Vermont.

- landscaping and yard, including some raised beds for gardening

General landscaping...meh.

- drainage work along the north side of the house to prevent flooding problems

Yeah no. Next summer, for sure.

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  1. I really like seeing you redo your house! I'm still way too intimidated to buy a fixer upper because my schedule would not allow for a timely redo


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