Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Announcing: Bel Joeor Facebook Page

I'm pleased to announce that I have taken a big step forward in my blogging life and have made a Facebook page for Bel Joeor.

You can find and follow me here. I'll also be putting a widget in the sidebar to show recent status updates, etc. 

I will almost certainly be sharing content, photos, etc. that won't make their way to this blog; I'm going to try and do more polished posts here, with thoughtful writing that I've actually (!) edited. Facebook will be more of the blurbs, one-off photos, and shared articles. Obviously, I'll link all posts from here, too.

(To give credit where credit is due, in large part I was inspired to set this up by Lauren's excellent series of posts about horse blogging, in particular this one on traffic.)

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