Wednesday, March 13, 2013


We're now a week and two days out from the surgery; one week ago was his first full day home.

After Tristan's escapades on Monday in getting his boot and wrapping off, I checked on him first thing Tuesday morning and again last night. I flushed and rewrapped last night and it looked the same. The same stale betadine/hoof crud smell was present, and there was maybe a teensy bit of discharge on the gauze, but not much at all - if any.

He ate his antibiotics again with mints and a little bit of grain, and stood quietly to have his foot flushed and re-wrapped. I also got to explain his injury to some barn kids, who have their freaking adorable little dun pony named Petticoat across the aisle from Tristan for a few months while they put her back in work after the winter. They do short stirrup hunters with her and are smart, nice kids. I explained things in as non-graphic terms as I could and then explained how I was treating it.

Moral of the story: I need to find a Pony Club.  I don't have the time to commit to weekly meetings, but I can do judging and occasional teaching for sure. I've emailed the Regional Secretary for the Western New England Region and offered my services; we'll see what happens.

In conclusion, here's the vet's write-up of Tristan's Monday appointment:
Surgical site dry and clean with only the faintest smell that indicates very mild infection. Wound open and draining. Owner has been keeping it immaculate. Horse is standing on leg better than I have seen him do since I have known him, with the LF planted squarely underneath him vs pointed a bit. Plan to go to EOD bandage changes. Recheck 1 week. Owner to continue to monitor for drainage, foul odor, lameness, etc.



    (Also: IMMACULATE.)

  2. Seriously I need to get a picture of this pony. SO cute. Little hand-me-down medium show pony.

    The vet wrote that before he liberated himself from his bandage on Monday...sigh.

  3. it's not YOU who failed to keep the wound immaculate in this case ;). Seriously, own the praise -- you have worked hard and done awesome!


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