Saturday, August 12, 2017

Weekly Blog Roundup

As a reminder, you can get your blog links in your email inbox, and as of this week, I'm making a change: email roundups (which contain these links + some additional content) will go out at noon on Friday. So if you're looking for a Friday afternoon boredom-reliever at work, sign up!

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Goodbye, Frank from The Reeling
Beautiful, clearly written account of a special mule's last days.

Becoming an Independent Rider in a Lesson Program from Cob Jockey
This is a tough and overlooked problem.

Weekend Wanderings from Eventing Saddlebred Style
I'm always a sucker for trail ride photos of landscapes that look so different from my own.

Ride Between the Rivers 2017 from In Omnia Paratus
The day I stop sharing Liz's endurance ride recaps someone should make sure I'm not dead in a ditch somewhere.

I had forgotten from A Gift Horse
This is just perfect and it encapsulates the way I feel exactly.

In which we run away to treasure hunt, and take the horses from Haiku Farm
An amazing recap of a day spend doing Competitive Mounted Orienteering.

Does your dog come when called? Every time? from The Other End of the Leash
Arya has a really really terrible recall. It's something I deeply regret but not something I feel I have the confidence to work on. I'm going to be studying this excellent long post for a while.

Canada Cup Dressage Photos & Final Comments from Oh Gingersnap
Scroll down for other posts about this very cool competition and lovely pictures of some gorgeous cobs.

Dino and the search for the magic gallop from PONY'TUDE
I never did find Tristan's really good XC gallop before retiring him from eventing, so I'm fascinated by this process.

Foxhunting v Eventing from The House on the Hill
I've never foxhunted, so this is a good list of things to think about.

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