Thursday, April 3, 2014

Quarter 1 Review

Per my overall 2014 goals: how am I doing so far?

Tristan's Goals

1. Get fit and rebuild muscle.

So far so good! Definitely adding muscle.

2. Strengthen dressage, particularly the canter.

Hmmmmm. Well, we're on our way. He's stronger in the canter, but it's not yet a better canter.

3. Work on jumping again.

Not yet.

4. Do a few tests at a dressage show.

Not yet.

5. Complete a group trail ride.

Not yet.

(to be fair, 3-5 were projected for later in the year anyway, so I'm not yet behind)

My Goals

1. Get fit!

Very mixed success. Technically, I have lost weight and do feel a bit stronger; in reality, I'm still not doing enough to incorporate exercise into my daily routine.

2. Find a schedule and stick to it.

Despite weather-related crappiness, this is actually starting to develop well. I'm planning a week at a time and mixing up my rides, and getting out 5x a week to do something with him.

3. Take more lessons.

So far so good! Averaging about every two weeks now. April will be tough, but I have my fingers crossed.

4. Rebuild emergency savings.

Hahahahahahaha. Ha. In March I had a vet bill, trailer registration bill, truck repair bill (inspection + a few small things after the winter); in April, I will have saddle fitting and trailer repair. Maybe this summer?

5. Be better organized with barn stuff.

Baby steps. I have reorganized one bag's worth of stuff in the mud room. I can't get to my trailer yet. Weather is supposed to improve through this week, so maybe it will be bearable to haul my tack trunk out in the sunshine and clean it out on Sunday?

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