Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bromont XC

Whoooo, cross country day!

We got to the parc equestre just as the 1* division started, the first of the day, and got on course just in time to wait for a very long hold that ended with the rider taken away by ambulance. (She was ok, and I am 99% sure we ended up sitting next to her later that day to watch the water, based on eavesdropping...)

We wandered a bit of everywhere for thy division and then settled in by the back water, and stayed there for the beginning of the 3*. Then the arena, then the drop, then the front water, where we stayed through about half of the 2* division - until it started raining in earnest. 

Now we are in Montreal, full from a dinner of poutine and tired from walking several miles exploring the Grand Prix atmosphere.

I will put up photos and talk more about cross country when I get back home - I decided against bringing my netbook on this trip which means no uploading photos for me!

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