Friday, June 7, 2013

Bromont Dressage

Some really wonderful rides today - despite the weather, which is vile. Cold, cloudy, and rainy.

My highlight of the morning was Kyle Carter's ride on Madison Park, which was a really beautiful example of perfect harmony. This is the horse that came back from slipping a tendon off his hock on XC, and Kyle was clearly thrilled with the test, giving a huge hug after the final salute. Just a really wonderful accurate, fluid test. Real partnership.

Highlight for the afternoon was Lauren Keiffer on Veronica. Holy mackerel, what an amazing test. I know there has been grumbling on the COTH forums about how often the mare has run, and she has been around an awful lot, but she looked phenomenal today. I was holding my breath for the last minute or so for her, because it was obvious that if she continued as she was, she would win the dressage - and so she has!

Now back at the campsite to warm up and rest, and possibly do some looking about and shopping, and then tonight to a brew pub for dinner and to watch hockey, where my boyfriend will attempt to get himself shanked by being That Bruins Fan in Quebec...

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