Saturday, April 6, 2013

Oh, pony.

So apparently after his turnout yesterday, Tris came in and laid down. And stood up. And laid down. And stood up. A few times. And then wasn't terribly interested in his hay.


Barn manager stayed a bit later to keep an eye on him, temped him (normal), left a note for the night check person to keep an eye, and by graining time (2-3 hours later) he was back to himself, then fine for night check. I went out around 11pm and he had pooped, peed, was acting normal, and passed gas when I walked him up and down the aisle to check. I fed him 12 Gas-X tablets, which he ate like candy. He had gut sounds that were a little more than I wanted to hear but was not sensitive to pressure anywhere around his belly. He did not seem obviously bloated - he's been a bit on the chubby side with his stall rest, so I didn't see a clear line between fat horse and bloated horse.

Of course I kept waking up all night and looking at the clock and worrying and wondering, in the small hours of the morning, if there was someone doing morning feed yet? and would they call me immediately?

I did check in around 9am and talked to the worker who had noticed he was up and down yesterday, and she said he was 100% back to normal today.

Ohhhhhh pony. I do have a new line item for the vet appointment on Monday: what does she think of my Gas-X protocol (which works out to a 300mg dose of simethicone)? and could he be a little bit ulcery? He was on antibiotics for 30 days total, and while he had no obvious outward signs of discomfort it may make sense to do a week or two of omeprazole paste.


  1. Oh they do make us worry don't they?

  2. He has a particular talent for it. He is a bit prone to this, so at least at this point I know the signs and can feel confident in assessing him. I'd rather he didn't do it at all, though!


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