Monday, April 8, 2013

5 Weeks!

Yesterday, Sunday, Tris got a massage. He was tight in some of the expected places: in a muscle that runs from his poll down to his right front, in his back from his colicky episode, and in his hind end from the funny movement in his boots and the hill work. All surface tightness - no adhesions or strains.

Then this morning the vet did a 5 week check on his foot. She was THRILLED with the way it has responded to the metronidazole, said it looked (and smelled!) terrific. We jogged him out on the hard dirt road and he has a teeeeensy bit of residual tenderness in the RF when turned on a hard circle, but totally understandable given that he still has exposed tissue there.

She was concerned about the deterioration of his soles, however, an in consult with the surgeon decided to leave the boots off when he is in his stall, put them on for turnout and handwalking only, which should start to dry them out and toughen him up. Surgeon also recommended treating with Wonderdust occasionally 1-2x a week to start toughening up the tissue.

Finally, he got two more vaccines - West Nile and Potomac Horse Fever - and then had his teeth floated. He did really well for that and the vet let me feel around in his mouth to feel the sharp edges and what they felt like once he had them floated down. It was really, really neat!

In conclusion: drunk dentist pony.


  1. Ha, the toooooooongue!

    So glad the infection seems to be behaving appropriately.

  2. It was pretty epic! The vet had me holding his tongue out of the way when she did his front teeth, too, which was weeeeeeird. Just standing there, holding his tongue.

    He was sound enough on the hard packed dirt road to flick his heels up and do some cantering/bucking when we trotted him, and he had to come in early from his brief turnout this afternoon because he was behaving like a loon. Getting there!

  3. Drunk pony pictures are my favorite :) Glad you got some good news!

  4. Tristan has been tranq'd more in the last 6 weeks than, I think, combined in his entire life. I have SO many drunk pony pictures now. I'm not sure they're worth the vet bills but they are all hilarious!


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