Friday, November 4, 2016

Decorating the Office - Equestrian Style

Now that my office is FINALLY finished (in fact, I am writing this blog post on my own computer at my own desk like an actual grown up!), I need to think about what and how to decorate the walls.

Most of my horse-themed art will go up on the walls. I've previously reviewed the various pieces I own here.  I'll also be putting up my Kendall's Spavin Cure poster and getting a high quality print of the amazing cartoon of Tristan that Emilie drew for me.

So far, I know I'll be adding these World War I cavalry propaganda posters to the walls. I'll download the high-resolution TIFFs from the Library of Congress and bring them to my local print shop. At 11x17 sizing, even on good paper they'll only cost a few dollars each.

I also have a chair in the office that, longterm, needs to be reupholstered. When I do finally get around to that, I'd like to add a throw pillow that fits with the theme. Maybe some horsey fabric on

Obviously, my ribbons will be hung up in the room. I don't have so many of them that I can or should think about other ways to display them besides hanging. Someday, maybe - but for now they'll go on the curtain rods.

How do you decorate in an equestrian theme?


  1. I'm super lame and suck at decorating so I just buy every cheap horsey thing (that isn't tacky) that I can find

  2. Considering that horses are as much a part of our life as they are, our house has exactly zero horsey decorations in it. They've all been relegated to the tackroom :(

  3. Pretty much all of my house is covered in horse decor. I like those Library of Congress prints though.


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