Saturday, January 30, 2016

Weekly Blog Roundup

First, a note to self, in keeping with the whole blog-to-remember thing: last night, an exercise that worked really well to get Tris more into the bridle & in front of my leg. I didn't want to canter too much, since my focus was on conditioning & trot sets. He was not moving easily off the leg in response to my usual escalation techniques, so I tried something new: asking for the canter when going into the first corner of a short side, keeping the canter through the short side and the next corner, a few strides down the long side, then focusing hard on the transition back to trot, keeping it active, uphill, and collected. It worked beautifully, both during the warmup and after a walk break, to get a nice, steady, forward trot. I did it until he maintained that trot down the entire long side.

So, continuing: Saturday blog roundup. Small this week because I was going great blazes at work and riding in the evenings instead of at home on my computer. #sorrynotsorry

DIY: Recovering an Old Saddle Pad from Wyvern Oaks
Love this. Seriously pondering putting some cooler fabric on my oldest pads...

Horse-related volunteering: therapeutic riding from Hand Gallop
Really, really good overview of an important volunteer position.

Teach Me Tuesday: Joint Injections from Sprinkler Bandit
Always a good conversation in the comments.

To flex or not to flex? from Breeches & Boat Shoes
I've wondered about flexible stirrups myself over the years, and this was a good review.

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