Friday, February 6, 2015

Classic Equestrian Art from the Yale Center for British Art

My brain is mush today, and has been all week. Also, I walked to work in -15 this morning - with my Smartwool tights under my pants, so thankfully no more frostbite.

So here, have some gorgeous paintings from the Yale Center for British Art. (All are in public domain, and so ok to post, but click on the links back to Yale to show their online collections some love and to get loads of additional details.)

Henry Thomas Aiken, 1785-1851

John Wooten, 1682-1764

Thomas Spencer, 1700-1753

Anson Ambrose Martin, active 1830-1844

James Ward, 1769-1859

John Frederick Herring, Jr., 1815-1907


  1. Oh my god. Yes. Thanks for this little interlude. :) Plus, another great resource site to add to my list!

  2. nice - love these!! esp the dun hunter :)

  3. so great. but can yo imagine leading a racing stallion by just a wrap around his neck. damn!


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