Monday, July 28, 2014

The Kindness of Strangers

Vermont has this awesome website called Front Porch Forum. It's basically an online bulletin board, and it is a source of constant awe to me. I love reading through it, even when I don't need anything, because it's absolutely fascinating to see what's going on.

My favorite day until now was the one in which 5 subsequent postings tracked a loose/lost dog by street, the sixth said "Caught him, he's in my garage!" and the seventh said "Thanks so much everyone, he's home now!"

I have a new favorite day: last week, I saw a posting for someone who was giving away a whole bunch of horse stuff. Not just crap, either - good stuff. Side reins, half chaps, saddle pads, selling a nice saddle for a great price.

Top of the list, though, the thing that caught my attention? A Nunn Finer Hunting Breastplate, cob sized, in black with nickel fittings. FREE.

I have wanted a breastplate for Tristan for years. I bought him one about five years ago, in a horse size, and it just swam on him - way too big.

I replied as soon as I saw the posting, waited with baited breath, and then got an email: "Sure, I'd be happy to get it to you - I think it will fit Tristan beautifully!"

Turns out the person giving it away rides at my barn, and recognized Tristan from my email profile picture! Small, small town.

I picked it up a week ago and it is in gorgeous shape, fits perfectly, and is exactly what I have wanted. The black will not match our XC/jumping saddle but I could not possibly care less.

Love a horse who ground ties. :)


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