Monday, June 30, 2014

Quarter 2 Review

How are my 2014 goals progressing? Here's the 2014 Goals post; I'll go down line by line.

Tristan's Goals
1. Get fit and rebuild muscle
Going really quite well! He's fitter, and his back is really starting to look good. His neck is changing more slowly, but it is coming along. We're now trotting the long hayfield hill in a long and deep frame on a regular basis.

2. Strengthen dressage, particularly the canter
Also going really well, though I can't claim much credit for it.

3. Work on jumping again
I actually have popped him over a few jumps, and an actual lesson should happen in this next quarter.

4. Do a few tests at dressage show
Not yet, but the best candidates for this were always in midsummer through fall. The decision will be between a local schooling show and a bigger recognized show. I have some great options in both directions.

5. Complete a group trail ride
Hmmmm, not yet. Some good options coming up, though, especially with the GMHA member days.

My Goals
1. Get fit!
Hahahahaha. Ha. Damn it. Two steps forward, two steps back...

2. Find a schedule and stick to it.
I actually did a pretty good job with this through April and early May, and then June was like a bomb went off. Back on it going forward!

3. Take more lessons
Hmmmm, not as many as I had hoped for. A few planned for the summer. The big stumbling block here is money: I need to buy a new car in the fall, and I keep coming across unexpected expenses that are taking priority. However, the training rides were an excellent way to address this.

4. Rebuild emergency savings
I've just managed to start this up again, and the plan is for it to speed up in the fall.

5. Be better organized with barn stuff
Sloooooowly but surely. Some progress: I reorganized the trailer stuff, pulled the first aid kit to go over, and consolidated some tack. I need a few hours of good weather to drag out and clean my main tack trunk - it's musty and cluttered.

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  1. Sounds like you are making great progress!


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