Saturday, May 3, 2014

To Do List

This is by way of being a to-do list. I have been so overwhelmed these last two weeks - zero down time, zero reflection, and not nearly enough pony time.

I did have a lovely ride on Tuesday night, in which I confirmed again that the Pentosan = fantastic. He's now finished his loading dose and is on to monthly, which means it's time for me to turn the screws and see how long & deep the effects really go.

So, to do:

- check on trailer; is it done? will it cost me a mint? good thing I've been distracted, otherwise I would worry that the mechanic hasn't called me in 2 weeks
- clean out truck, ffs
- organize trailer tack boxes
- organize tack room space, ugh
- deep-clean all purpose saddle, in order to use new conditioning lotion the saddle-fitter found for me
- write ALL the blog posts, including my shopping at Everything Equine & the awesome extreme trail class & some blog hop catch up
- look at schedule & see if it matches up with newly-discovered local horse club's group trail rides
- call farrier; Tristan was re-shod in the front which was NOT the plan and now I am confused and a bit frustrated; poor communication + lack of follow up on my part, or an actual need?

Also, ride the pony more.

This does not include the other things I have to do, like work on my conference proposal and get a dog license and clean out the fridge and and and.


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  1. Girl I'm feeling ya... ha!
    Putting it in a list though makes it easier to tackle, may the force be with you!
    - So much Star Wars everywhere! >.<


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