Thursday, August 1, 2013

Small Victories

Lip update: sloooowly getting better. Swelling almost all the way gone, but still stiff and bruised. Now looks about 95% normal. Pain level is about comparable with the most painful zit you've ever had on your lip, and I still can't drink normally which means I have now dripped iced coffee on three different pairs of pants this week. Which I'm sure is information you all needed to have.

I've been doing barn chores for the primary reason of earning lesson credits, but my secondary reason was to continue getting back in shape. I had 11 months off, too, and the stress of moving and starting a challenging new job meant that I have been consuming way more than my fair share of carbohydrates. I've been baking too much bread and then eating it all, is the real problem here.

So I was very pleased to discover yesterday, while carrying heavy book boxes around at work, that lifting them was far easier than it was a month ago. I'm also marginally stronger while doing chores, and while my legs were a bit sore when we started cantering they're not now, and I'm incorporating more two-point work for my own fitness.

I am still struggling with adding in additional exercise - we have a recumbent bike at home that I was using regularly for a while, but not so much now - but it's good to feel the little work I've been able to manage making a difference.

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