Friday, February 17, 2012

Ride Notes: Stupid Rain

The plan was to go for a long hack. The plan did not take the weather into account, and it was cold and drizzly when we got to the barn. I'll ride through all sorts of weather, but since getting my new dressage saddle I've become paranoid about my tack.

Into the indoor we went, to share with four other horses. Despite that, it went better than it usually does; all four other riders were pretty darn self-aware, something that can't be said for everyone who shares winter ring-space.

Stirrups are still off the saddle, and we worked on cantering more and more. Nothing really remarkable about the ride. We're trying to find a good balance and straightness in the canter now that I can manipulate it more. Right lead transitions have been getting better, though I lost them for a bit at the end. He was a bit less consistent in the bridle than he has been, which is no doubt due to my insecurities without stirrups.

Ultimately though we finished with some nice walk-trot transitions, focusing on coming up through his shoulders and the base of his neck instead of just flailing into a different gait. ~40 minutes of riding, and then some hanging out during which we discovered that Tris likes cranberry orange muffins a LOT. He'll try anything food-related once, that horse.

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